Proposal for a protected marine area in l’Ametlla de Ma

Protecting coastal and marine areas and creating environmental management plans is not only a necessity to conserve marine biodiversity but also one of the European Union regulations we must adhere to. 

Many coastal towns and villages understand the richness of their marine environments and the urgent need to protect them. At Plàncton we help you bring together and present arguments and reasons to achieve their conservation. For example, we carried out a marine mapping and biodiversity census in the south of l’Ametlla de Mar and we also organized meetings with different sectors to gather opinions and feelings from the main actors involved in the future declaration of the zone as a protected area.

With this information we prepared a map and environmental study for the town council to use in their requests for the relevant public authorities to declare the zone a protected area.

This report was prepared with the help of EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund).