Study of the presence of Cymodocea nodosa and Pinna nobilis at the proposed location for a new infrastructure for the salt production industry in the Alfacs Bay

Building a new infrastructure to transport salt from the Salinera Española del Delta de l’Ebre salt plant across the Alfacs Bay needed an environmental study to find the location which would minimize its impact on local ecosystems and species. 

Working together with the environmental consultancy DacEnviro we confirmed the presence of Noble pen shells (Pinna nobilis) and sea meadows of Cymodocea nodosa in the area proposed for the infrastructure. We also studied the biome, or plant and animal community, living around the old disused jetty to see if it could provide a suitable habitat.

The Noble pen shell is an endangered mollusc native to the Mediterranean which has been seriously affected by an illness reducing its population drastically in recent years. The population of Noble pen shells in the Alfacs Bay is an extremely important one and we are all responsible for protecting it.