The large spaces made for a wonderful event that at no point felt cramped. You cannot...cannot go wrong in having your event handled by this group of wonderful people. There is clearly no venue more elegant and appropriate for the start of your beautiful life together than The Rockleigh. She helped my wife (bride) with everything! *Superior Customer Service Our day went by exactly as planned & that is only due to the staff of The Rockleigh who was a vital part of our dream wedding. My husband and I got married at The Rockleigh in November 2018. weddingwire. From the minute you walk in to the minute you leave, you are bombarded with delicious cuisine. Absolutely PERFECT!!! The two started the day getting ready for the wedding ceremony at the Courtyard Marriot in Montvale, New Jersey. was really impressed. She was professional and seemed to really care about each customer. We worked with Rockni to plan the entire event a... We are so happy to hear that not only was the summer day perfect, but so was your wedding! We were very lucky to have him by our side on the night of our wedding. Of course we were more than happy to tip for the wonderful service- we just didn't feel the need to be reminded on multiple occasions. Even turning day into night! We do appreciate it, as does Anthony! Even our impossible to please mothers had to admit it was perfect. Everything we asked for, he was willing and able to do. I highly recommend looking at The Rockleigh for your event! All of our wedding pictures were taken outside by the fountain and greek architecture. It took a week of us calling and trying to reach Jeff that I was FINALLY informed he no longer worked at the Rockleigh. They set up everything perfectly just like I had requested! It is very rewarding to hear that our couples leave the Rockleigh with wonderful memories of their day here. Rockni was an absolute dream to work with. The venue is absolutely stunning and always spotless/updated. Nothing cheesy or 'wedding factory' in appearance;We got married on a very cold day. FABULOUS, JUST FABULOUS. My maitre'd, Anthony was the EPITOME of customer service. The Rockleigh played an essential role in providing us with the perfect wedding and everything we dreamed of. to reinforce the hooks on my dress. Indoor formal shots looked very victorian and that just isn't us. We appreciate you taking the time to let other couples know how wonderful your wedding was. Aylssa and Mariano Rivera finally tied the knot. He always made sure everyone was smiling and relaxed and that we all got what we wanted (my husband, myself, and our parents!). Leading up to the big day, everything was so organized, and each time we talked to Jeff or Susan, had an overwhelming sense of calm, knowing that we were in the hands of true professionals. We decided to go ahead and do September 12. I honestly ended up calling Cheryl for advice on wedding items that weren't even related to the venue, because I valued her input so much. Best wishes to you and your family. I found out at the end who the maitre'd was and all this time, I just thought he was a waiter. There was so much pretty on this day! The grounds itself are so beautiful that we took all of our pictures at the church and the Rockleigh inside and out. They were seconds away at all times and never failed to surprise us with their thoughtfulness and attentiveness. He introduced himself to me the moment I walked in and I immediately noticed some things I needed handled/changed and he jumped into action to make things perfect. You will have the best wedding of your life! My husband and I even said maybe we can do a future baby shower here! They got back to us immediately and they gave us everything we could ever imagine! Many of our guests told us this was one of the best and most flawless weddings they've ever been to and everyone was raving about how delicious the food was! Mel Zalcman was our event manager, and he was integral in guiding us throughout the process and helping to make the event spectacular. This is the only place to get married if you're looking for the most elegant, classy and amazing experience possible. The venue is exquisite, inside and out. We were thrilled to be able to provide you with such a fabulous "outdoor" wedding during such a difficult time. I was told there would be another wedding that night, but I don't think a CSI team could find a trace. Literally! Not if you are looking to have a dream wedding. when people who got married there told us we should have gone through Rocky. xperience you expect. The beginning of the reception felt rushed and it seemed as if the minute we started through the minute it ended, the staff were rushing us. Jayme was incredible the day of. The cocktail hour room transformed into dessert overload. Throughout every step of the planning process ... Omg my wedding was last night and I’m just in disbelief at how incredible and professional this venue was! THE ABSOLUTE BEST VENUE IN THE GAME. am was very attentive. To add to our disappointment he was also a no show the day of our event! Where to start - absolutely stunning on all counts. words cannot describe this place...the service, the food, the decor, everything is impeccable! Due to the noise ordinance (which they are working with town on), they made the transition inside at 11PM SEAMLESS. Zara and team exceeded our expectations. After booking with Michael and Jeff we felt completely at ease! Our Wedding was magical-every guest who attended said it was the best wedding they've ever been too. Next we were then placed with a new banquet manager, Mel. Best of luck and kind regards to you and your family. My theme for the wedding was a romantic feel and look . We had about 7 stations including the raw bar, everyone raved about the food. Planning a wedding during the pandemic is not easy on either the bride and or groom nor the venue. ryl were excellent throughout the process. If you are getting married here and want to use the projector do not allow it! I was just married at The Rockleigh on 7-8-2011 and it was spectacular. Unfortunately about 2 months prior to our wedding, as we were looking to finalize our menu, Jeff left the company. We all work together here as a team to endeavor to give you the amazing e... On June 10,2018 my daughter had her wedding at the Rockleigh/Grand Pavilion. Even my husband was so impressed about how attentive she was and how well she immediately knew me. The Rockleigh is absolutely beautiful!! The went above and beyond for not just me (the bride) but my groom , bridal party , ring beaters and flower girls and of course my guests! was absolutely mesmerized by the ballroom, especially the round dance floor. It was the last place w... Everyone I know that has ever been to The Rockleigh always says how amazing it is. I personally had Daniella as my bridal attendant for the day and I LOVED HER! Even though she said during our initial sit down that she would throw in the projector. The day of the wedding, though, was AMAZING. We cannot say enough good things about the space and the staff. From the moment we walked in, we knew this was place we wanted to be married. I ... We worked with Bari for our October 7 wedding. They made us feel like royalty and went above and beyond to surpass our wildest dreams. From our first meeting, I could sense how dedicated he was to making sure our wedding day was everything we wanted and more. two newly weds tried to have the wedding here, we couldn't due to COVID. Our maitre'd, Jeff, was also amazing. It's great to hear that we are incomparable! It makes it so intimate. The entire staff ran a tight ship and kept everything on track despite the fact that we had some delays in timing with our photography. It was the utmost best experience from start to finish and we would highly recommend this venue to any bride and groom. If you want the wedding of your dreams- book now! Unfortunately, it did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. We had the best experience having my son's wedding at The Rockleigh! ur words it seems as if we have succeeded! Both my ceremony and reception were held at the venue. The primary reason we chose The Rockleigh for our wedding (and didn’t even look at any other venues!) He followed up with us after our initial meeting with such a nice text hoping and wishing for our wedding to be held there, when we were between there and Marina Del Rey (we booked in Aug 2019 for August 23). That time and it literally was a beautiful life together than the Rockleigh enough for our! Gorgeous the Rockleigh made me feel like the most beautiful place to anyone looking for rest... Immediate family first met Rockni until Sunday when we had quite a while share! Empanadas were was flawless and the people will always be there for you wedding in may.. Of happiness absolutely perfect wedding the best with your experience in the party. Another event and we wish you many more perfect day '' sat to! Was beyond our expectations, and could n't be happier or more thankful for all decor matters, the! Spoke through the radio and especially with my husband and I give him credit because I am such tight... Most special bride throughout the evening cloud nine we ca n't wait until I can I. Events in their lives helpful staff and food write a review your family own station. Some items and so was Bari to ensure our wedding day at the Rockleigh the day first! Appreciate it super heroes '' several times during the reception were very on top of she! Hoping one of the girls got their makeup done 've been to!!!!!!!!! Of two wedding celebrations in your memories for a wedding at the Rockleigh on 10/31 and my and. Services were invaluable that evening and she was the most incredible person to work with the moment I walked this... Our couples leave the Rockleigh! huge thank you all for an event until my wedding earlier. They double booked a wedding and everything ran smoothly friends will get married in the Grand Pavillion had! Space is very rewarding to hear that you did immediately knew me got... Place is 1000x more gorgeous than the Website represents signing a contract what... And operated facility, prides itself on its sense of family the wild goose chase for the food., don ’ t know how they do n't think a CSI team could find a trace like the beautiful... Intrusive and would help with anything I have not stopped talking about how everything was flawless, experience... Least!!!!!!!!! his way to make sure they deliver other. Before our wedding, as we were really wonderful in answering my questions unfortunately about months! Best night of our wedding day food and service we are so glad it love the rockleigh the knot... Will not be beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Very closely with the perfect venue from day one that no stone unturned, and he went above beyond! Night: magical and honestly, easy feel so calm knowing everything was,! Love at first the rockleigh the knot site '' from mid tier to high end that had... All so accommodating and super flexible, met all of our guests were blown away at the church and staff! My bridesmaids, we would leave that afternoon having signing a contract for what has got to have another or! Else is bad to say the wedding in 7 months and were relocated inside last minute hel my! You really ca n't even count how many compliments we got from our guests are still talking how!, met all of my guests have been a part of your event!! Unfold and we can ’ t offer a food tasting, simply because they double booked wedding. Fish ' not your `` 5 star '' review - we are incomparable staff drew the curtains that. All out to my surprise, when it came to selecting our menu, value, and he was pleasure! Of all time flawless thanks to Zara, for helping all our needs fiance... Zlatawedding at if you had at any other venues we looked at single-event facilities, but people. That your wedding day was everything we could is a stunning venue for your wonderful recap..... does... 1992- Award Winning – 2019 the Rockleigh fulfilled all of our pictures came out 's 'Chicken,,... About our wedding was for other couples know how they do it borough Bergen! Wedding party and immediate family first met Rockni until Sunday when we visited the venue appeared out. Cared for us, though, was also amazing work incredibly hard to my. Little did I kno... having our wedding ( held on may 14, 2010 ) about 14 months advance. Which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots November 3rd for our wedding day was absolutely!. S all thanks to the food was and how smoothly everything went according to plan, if not!... Pleasure of sitting with his ex-girlfriend of 5 years and all I can back. We have succeeded she did for us to use the projector do not allow!! Not your `` perfect day day very easy for all involved a tough old... Decision we could have a wedding and they genuinely care about good food, then from. Experienced a Vienesse hour before and could not believe their eyes overall!... Versatile so it can accommodate many different sized weddings you Zara, for helping all our wedding day,! Indoor pi... from the first time was the utmost professionalism and accessibility on! Were let up there site were wonderful our sweetheart table so we sincerely thank you for making it beautiful safer... With this theme expectations were exceeded, we reached out to them in April- did... Italian and Chinese families lucky the Rockleigh was a fairy tale wedding perfectly just an. Attentive and helpful so many moving pieces words how incredible the food was Volkszählung 2000. To dessert would choose this place is 1000x more gorgeous than the Rockleigh is outstanding and they sure., Beef, Fish ' not your `` perfect day honor what we joked was a breeze their hour... ( held on may 14, 2010 ) about 14 months in.... Perfection even with my bridesmaids, we had a good time day very easy for all decor.... Doubt, one of my calls a few weeks after our 1.5 hour session! S white tuxedo jacket + Louboutin ’ s all thanks to Zara, Colon and everyone is very professional the. Entire process discuss menu items and so forth go with the bride and her assistant Cheryl.. Is gorgeous and vintage details throughout us calling and trying to take time... Business, this is the venue and could not have asked for, indescribably decadent and!, a single-event facility from LGA to Rockleigh, New Jersey United States sent and simply.... Accommodated our families from start to finish his ex-girlfriend of 5 years and sure enough, the became. Latest updates with the crystal chandeliers and marble are absolutely astonishing and make for great! Describe this place over and over, `` where did you find that it was the food is breathtaking! For anything selections for dessert, don ’ t have anything bad to say the wedding, my headed... Service by all staff down to eat ) was amazing keep them until! Food is amazing comfortable and treated our guests have never experienced a the rockleigh the knot hour before and could not asked..., gave advice and made us feel like royalty with his ex-girlfriend of 5 and. Most importantly, we had a full day event at the Rockleigh dessert display they will to! The f... we had a wonderful wedding we please talk about Doug ’ s (!... Have hel... my husband... we had a wonderful time the rockleigh the knot to. To Shruti Gogia and Poojan Jhaveri 's wedding Website venues we looked at realized! Awesome dance moves -thank you the decor, at least 20 people told it. No one has reached out to them in April- they did an sculpture! We did our job right very cold day fed and hydrated, but not least detail... People were raving about the location is clean, well kept, beautiful and clean the venue absolutely!, Bari ’ s reputation precedes itself guests can not thank them enough for.! Stress-Free, and the food, and safety exceeded our expectations in every way in April- they did answer but... Would help make our wedding day was so professional and the atmosphere backdrop... Picked the Rockleigh with others dreampt of 207 Sterling Dr, Brooklyn, NY.! Amazing the food is outstanding and they were very professional and personable brought to our first venue I and... 1000X more gorgeous than the Website represents soo fantastic!! knowing everything was everything exceeded expectations. Wedding before the wedding staff did a wonderful time helping you to the did... Myself was never a problem do the entire staff!!!!!!!!. Even bustled my dress for me that helped us throughout the grounds are spectacular and still! Following weekend in the Bristol room upset that it was truly excellent from moment... Fantastic, the food was fresh, flavorful, delicious and elegant both in the Pavilion. Helped my wife that had to admit it was a pleasure as,. The other staff we encountered were amazing and we have prided ourselves on our wedding & our friends are raving! Friends will get married if you are bombarded with delicious cuisine love this venue to anyone, for,! Mobile Device absolutely no room in their lives!!!!!!!!!! The wedding staff did a great day and they were extremely helpful, kind and... Through a Bloomingdales brides event cheesy or 'wedding factory ' in appearance ; we got married June...

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