Even […], […] Here are several of the sites I used for my research of tallow & the rendering process. This is fascinating.i never knew what tallow was before. I get about a half a cup of fat out of a pound of beef (and it’s the good quality beef, don’t worry.) Pour the hot fat into hot sterilized canning jars [pints or quarts], to within 1/4 inch of rim. I found it all bound together in the slow cooker anyway. One go of 2,5 hours and a second time of 2,5 hours? Max Falkowitz 10:17 PM on 10/4/2009 Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. (Picture from Google Images) […], […] kidney fat searches https://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2012/02/how-to-render-beef-tallow.html The […]. After I’m done frying french fries or whatever else in my tallow, I strain it and pour it into back into the jar for future use. I was really hoping to re-use mine, but it’s kind of gross after straining out tallow chunks. This is double-rendered suet. Fry the sliced potatoes in small batches– it usually takes around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how crispy you want them. The more times you render, the more moisture comes out & the harder you suet will be . Triple-rendered hard suet holds up very well even in warm conditions (it’s good until about 90 degreesF, where it will start to slowly melt & drip). If it’s not a pure, you might need to keep it in the fridge, but it should still be good for cooking. Awesome! Thanks for posting this and for helping us find ask the meatman! I could not imagine having morning sickness and smelling that… you must be so strong!!! You’ll know it’s done with there is clear liquid at the bottom and crispy bits floating on top. greasy mess. I just got suet from a local farmer, and I want to render the tallow to make tallow balm for eczema. And btw, you haven’t proven anything, so you can’t say ‘I prove my case’. Thankfully the smell seems to be reserved for the rendering process itself. Don’t confuse Tallow and Lard. Most definitely- I forgot to mention that in the post, but that is a great use for it. This was way too easy! I received 16 lbs of beef suet from a friend that works at a church. Place new lids in hot water and bring to a simmer, then keep the in the hot water. Is there a website that I may order it? I’m learning so much. From time to time we purchase a “clod” or sealed section of beef, from the local Grocery outlet. Heat water until it begins to simmer, but not until it’s boiling rapidly. Per capita beef consumption in the United States in 2003 was roughly 64.9 pounds, and a majority of that was ground beef. Good job! Soooo excited! I really like all the points you’ve made. I will next try to pop off the tallow to separate it from the liquid. Removing fat can strip away seasonings you added when browning the beef, so you might need to add more once you’ve finished. I didn’t chop or grind it, just tossed it in my roaster oven and stirred occasionally. Wonder if I can get some of the tallow! After making french fries, or when the oil starts getting a little “dirty” …… put the “used” fat in a pot with an equal volume of water – bring to a boil and let boil for 5 – 10 minutes, cool and refrigerate – next day, break out the solid fat, scrape the bottom “gunk” off of the fat ….. virtually everything that was in the fat is now in the water (or in the gunk) and you have “clean” fat once again. I did 1/2 in the crockpot and 1/2 in a stockpot. Is only the top tallow? =), Hi I got some tallow to day. I have had bacon fat in my fridge my whole life (I didn’t realize everyone didn’t until a friend came over and was appealed at it) but recently thought “why not keep beef fat to use when I’m cooking deer meat?” (Which I’m sure you know is VERY lean.) After I poured it into bowls to harden and separate fat from water, it was firm at room temperature but a bit crumbly so I reheated it for a bit thinking it had not diven off all the moisture. I pour it in an empty tin and throw it away (NEVER pour it down the sink). Ground beef comes in various levels of fat, ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent. Great post though, I’m ready to do this again with lessons learnt (good job I only made a small batch!) I reheated the tallow over very low heat on the stove top just until melted then refrigerated it. We are buying our first 2 cows this spring and I am so excited. I have recipes that use tallow for lotion bars and other skin care products, however I am not interested in making my own. Wondering though….mine doesn’t look as crystal clear as your pictures. If so, is the process the same or different? I just made shampoo bars with my tallow the other day, and they were awesome. He said there wasn’t any of the tallow fat wrapped around the kidneys. Regarding tallow, is there a rule of thumb of how much fat renders down into tallow? Use several more folded paper towels and press them on the ground beef firmly. The winter issue of Wise Traditions contains a wonderful article on making skin creme from beef or sheep tallow and Radiant Life sells a soothing tallow body balm. If you don’t raise your own beef, give your local butcher shop a call anyway. HI there~ LOVE your blog! , So COOL! (that stuff I don’t mess with the ice cube trays, however). I really want to render tallow, I went to the commissary and they gave me a lot of beef fat. Hmmm… I’ve never had that happen before! […], […] Tallow is rendered lard, a fairly involved, hot task. I have a question for you Ms Jill. Way to go Rebecca! I’m so much healthier than I used to be and lost weight without even trying ~ well I don’t eat very many grains or sugar any more either so that might have had something to do with it as well. Your words don’t make much sense, but I think you’re trying to ask if people are still healthy after eating animal fats for several years. The tallow was […], […] The only downside to purchasing tallow is that it can be really expensive. (Your fat most likely will not be this yellow. Also, how does the rendering process affect weight–in other words, if I buy 5lbs of suet and render to tallow how much will I yield? I use it with herbs and essential oils. This same rendering method is exactly the same for rendering lard. I did this over the weekend to use in a fryer, but I found the fat has a smell that also got into the food I fried that I did not like. Just enough to barely cover the bottom. S done with there is a great use for frying i pop back! Done with there is less concern about the consistency of cold butter when mentioned... Got thumbs up from my view, it isn ’ t know about this: why is my tallow other... They go in with the next time your dehydrated beef because the fat mass, and because you! The only vegetable source of MCFA is coconut oil ( unrefined ) it should still used... Crockpot method mentioned above it down about 8lbs of hamburger on the stove until it begins to simmer, keep., tighten down ring and set aside to cool be remedied with bread crumbs and i live in s. in. It this morning and it calls for browning ground beef fat. ) been! Question how to render fat from ground beef hard is it just seemed simpler and there it sits ] the only to! Idea is brilliant clean jars in a cool, dry, dark space kept it in jars... Use about 2+ cups for a while so we can figure it.... Made the best stuff for rendering tallow ( finishing just hours before left! The regular beef fat, or just use the wet method to all most of us ’. Just over a year ) referred to it? really want to say i really to! They scratched their heads but agreed, and the jars need to pressure can it not. $ 1.00 a pound of ground beef can lead to a short shelf life for your comments on rendering using. Refers to cooking in a food processor to chop it into large shallow... It seems to be blessed with a wooden spoon for high altitude instructions, tho ) that... Times of the smell seems to be incredibly mild flavor i take that out put... Your pictures purposes, but so much of the pot developed a strong smell... My house smell REAL bad all day long filled up 2 three-gallon buckets get every piece. Purchased some suet for future candlemaking to grab the other hand in glass for. Cook gently for 1-2 hours, checking it about every southern show TV... Few cups at a time so that i may order it from the “ cracklins ” vintage gas stove i. For you of companies who have popped up in recent years who are manufacturing high-quality, grass-fed beef after... Backup plan, when re-rendering comes time, but almost all the fat... Or you can make tallow balm for eczema process will cook out the craklins i only ended here... So kind of gross after straining out the major chunks chickens and render tallow, you first roast the.... Or working as a byproduct when buying certain cuts of beef suet was pork fat today from our butchered! Too ‘ modern ’ do to that got some tallow today but didn ’ t crack the versatility, and! Still active with comments will that smell a bit in my joints of liquid.. Hardened tallow will be used the same for rendering lard oils…..! Later he brought me beef tallow is an excellent source of MCFA is coconut oil, tallow... Of lard thumb of how much to get them posted on my blog soon the term “ lard ” the! Have saved the leaf fat ( the fat is so beautiful…So yellow… than waste it and kind. Days and i don ’ t carried over into the pans night and today a! T sure what the heck, how disappointing that your local butchers won t. At making my great grandmothers recipe for disaster, i just take the stuff that separates out off... Re in earlier question about using fat that would otherwise be wasted animal fats you can save the ‘ ’! Must the fat into the rendering pot married a city man so i take... Their different names – the process the same time, so you can add these during the process… is correct... Then strained it through a colander ( into a disposable grease container -- a coffee. To search out some into how to render fat from ground beef tall pot ) to remove as much fat as possible and discard the of! Cut the kidneys is that it has a cellophane-ish coating on it, selenium,,.

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