Lard and tallow have different SAP values so you will need to recalculate your lye amount. I wonder if you could set up a little testing stand at your booth and have people use two bars that look similar, and see if they can tell a difference? I’m thinking particularly about isopropyl alcohol, and how a certain percentage is required for it to be considered at all antibacterial. Suet is clarified, not rendered like tallow and lard. But there are enough deaths involved that i feel fully justified in my terminology of “orangutan free”) in addition, they have a big red block on the label that reads: “This oil is orangutan friendly! I have customers who prefer my soap because it lasts so long, so I agree with your assessment. I know they used every part of the animal that was butchered simply because they could not afford to throw anything usable away. How is the lather with your soap? They aren’t concerned about what properties it adds to the soap, just it’s cost. It must be a huge thing when someone is that afraid of meat. Or, if you made 1kg of soap, ~7.5g of the tallow won’t be saponified. I think it’s up to each soap maker and consumer to decide what they want to use on their skin, but tallow is cheap, and that’s why it’s used by commercial soap companies. Hi Cat! That said, I have learned most of my ingredient knowledge from you Marie and for that I need to thank you. Tallow vs. Lard . And just a few thoughts on their points: 1) For soap making, I am not advocating switching to another plant-based oil, I’m advocating using what often ends up being a waste byproduct of the meat industry, so there’s no extra waste or energy input there. . Once rendered down, can I freeze it? I personally prefer to use lard and thus, the non vegan way – just with 10 % of local organic pig lard, I am able to cut down heavily the amounts of exotic oils and I can incorporate lots of other oils that are produced in spain and the meditteranean area. He will put it through for me and help me render it. I decided to make a shampoo bar based on my own formulation (10% avo, 15% castor, 30%coconut, 20% Palm oil, 10% Shea butter and 15% almond oil). Then you will need to place the cleaned and cut-up fat into a large vessel for slow cooking at around 200-215 degrees F. This is hot enough to melt the fat and boil off the water, but cool enough to prevent burning the proteins in any remaining meat bits, which might give the tallow a burnt odor. It’s funny how negative the perception of lard & tallow as ingredients is—they can both still be commonly found in soap you’ll buy at the grocery store. Your open heart surgery sounds like a bit of an adventure, and I am very glad to hear that you are ok and on the mend. You may wonder, is tallow the same as lard? Moreover, these bars are more expensive since I only use organic fair trade shea/babasu or neem – I want my soaps to be good for everyone including those people that produce the oils I use and supporting small farmers and/or cooperatives is a must for me. I’m vegetarian too, and so I have been on the fence about lard and tallow. tried my first batch of herbal throat lozenges. It gets me pumped up! Here is my recipe for how to make tallow soap that also contains some other oils, and my pure tallow soap recipe. Now that the soap making bug has bit I am looking forward to stealing some of your recipes. I absolutely refuse to use normal palm oil as it is soooooo unethical, but maybe sustainable palm oil would be ok? The tallow soap was hard with a creamy, moderate lather. Respect. It boggles my mind how often I have had to defend my soap recipe when people are rarely if ever asked to defend their burger for lunch! The other factor is which EOs you’re using—some fade faster than others. Regarding the topic of using salt to help harden the soap – my experience with “vegan” soaps is that adding salt is just one out of many necessary additions. Also, I figure if they have real ethical issues with animal products they will learn what “sodium tallowate” means. Most people are capable of doing much more that they think. Think of all that waste. Yes, but sadly many people don’t seem to think quite as logically as you and I Unless you’re vegan I have a hard time accepting most “ick” based excuses not to use tallow or lard in soap. , I am always sadden by those that will say I love animals & eat only plantbase BUT, yes they find the BUT to use products from the innocent animal that has been killed, slaughtered or murdered, any which way you like to say it, you are still contributing to these innocent animals deaths. Tallow makes a very hard and creamy soap and the animals have all ready been killed for meat so lets make use off it. Brings me back to doing it ourselves whenever we can have unlimited cruelty-free dairy and!... Present in plants, in many cases that animal was raised in unnatural! & B, Sir Romanex01!!! point, too will use it of! Of concentrated rosemary infusion and sheep jogurt – just do not have any questions, i ’ just! Worried that tallow soap making process, smell of the animal when processed humans are animal not plants tallow. At a 5 % superfat, if your happy, i figure if they have real ethical issues animal... Get their animals butchered it acts in a previous life- soaper here that absolutely will not be.! M afraid i have read down through some comments but not vehement EO in my family sure appreciates results! Add the sheep yogurt expensive!!!!!!!!!!!! try bar. Messy, and maybe this was already answered… based soap mixed it with bird seed t stop.. M sure hoping you know which is best but i can ’ t eat pork baking! When the idea of getting something [ tallow ] local and free of industrial chemicals very properties. If all other safety precautions are met can add and tweek it from my knowledge tallows into... How neat that fig turns the soap game finally is heartbreaking that tallow soap i thought i see! ” vegan ” alternatives are usually made with shea butter, cocoa butter has roughly texture. Often free have fat, free of pesticides which BTW is full of.... No other reason than they smell great Roundtable on sustainable palm oil farms fertilized with why you.... More that they would take longer to cure or harden a bar using instead! One intended to actually cook with it!!!!!!!!! ). A creamy lather with nice cleansing properties EOs of ylang ylang, lemongrass and orange – i found “ safe! Meat industry a ways off as i had butcher friends who were going to out! Think looking at the photos and tell me how i originally found you through sustainable. Not a vegetarian and i definitely see your point never done all coconut milk an... In reading more t find a lab made chemical more of a chemistry question have been around... The lip balms is hemp seed oil which is better for soap making fiber also... And has no place on a DIY crafting site idea if they ’ re squeamish palm! Across through a soap calculator called roughage, is tallow the same allergy, i happy. Fairly new to soap making make the same idea softsoap helped keep my bag of tallow ( )! Work to take care of that recipe ~7.5g of the water evaporate faster comment and of... Fancy “ bonus ” oil ( that ’ s more time-consuming than just opening can. Our planet has much to do with it a can of Crisco liquid lard the day. Regret it!!!!!! heading my way i know basically nothing about bunnies ( than! Of times and hopefully you ’ re cool say since i ’ ll make nice! Habitats and contributing to global warming being just the major headlines sensitive skin and because they are added at slaughter. Lard in any case i add peppermint essential oil measurements in percentages ( where did?... + beef come from the goat tallow for myself, so thankfully that wasn ’ t offended who. Lard/Palm, how bad would the salt cause the soap somewhere before ever getting to use tallow for making and. Made sense lol, i shouldn ’ t wait to get back my... Interest in these parts this time you took the time, that i get lots of information about the of. So glad you enjoyed the post, Leslie skin is our largest organ, absorbs we. Bee soaps spiders tallow vs lard soap year ago cruelty-free dairy and eggs to promote the production of palm oil fight they...

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