In fact, the upcoming movie may bring Steven and the Crystal Gems their scariest villain yet. Greg!”) in honor of the Summer of Steven. Shamus Kelley needs remastered Cookie Cat in his life like air. Perhaps one of the most bittersweet sequences in the series (which is saying something), “That Distant Shore” is a brief glimpse into what it would look like for Lapis to be blissfully free from her past. A rankings list of every episode to date of the hit Cartoon Network series "Steven Universe", from my favorite to least favorite (best to worst episodes list). In this you get all of the music from the movie, vocal and instrumental, and the demos for some specific songs. “Full Disclosure” is his internal monologue of what he’d like to say to her. 1. The goofball is learning to save the world using the magical powers that come from his bellybutton and he goes on magical adventures with the rest of the Crystal Gems, even though he's not as powerful -- … You rock that aqua midriff-bearing outfit, Steven. Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan & Patti LuPone) 2. It’s also a bit of exposition about fusion and how that works, while shedding light on Pearl and Amethyst’s often fraught relationship. Steven Universe Future had its finale on the 27th of March and was warmly received by fans and critics alike. Giving Estelle the lead vocal on a song is literally never going to turn out badly, ever. The soundtrack will contain songs originally heard in the series’ 120-plus episodes, including the now iconic “We Are the Crystal Gems” theme. This list is stacked high with the character-driven bops (like “Do It for Her,” from the same episode), as is only fair. Greg and Pearl duel for Rose’s attention and affection by providing the thing that only they can do for her: music and fusion, respectively. His first instinct is to avoid Connie, to Harry and the Hendersons her and convince her that he’s better off without her. T T Info. Bring on the yeehaw revolution, you funky little lesbian. That name along brings hope we’ll be seeing more soundtracks in the future. The Crystal Gems celebrate their newfound peace. also gets a chance to shine and the harmony of the two voices is striking. Can you tell we love Greg Universe here? Overall, a soft, quiet little apology, but c’mon, give Amethyst more! Some are fun, some are heavy, some will make you sing, some will make you cry. It’s a catchy tune, relatively simplistic, but then again, Greg’s a simple guy. It’s a fun adventure song, but Amethyst gets a moment amidst the otherwise idyllic song to reflect about her place on Earth and how she doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. You can find the cover of the soundtrack below. They’re here to save the day! — PH, I’ll say it — “Escapism” is an underrated song, and it deserves a better place on this list. He’s a simple, selfless man. It did not end with a bang, but with a warm goodbye hug to his fans. “Both of You” is the culmination of that dynamic, the turning point where Greg and Pearl have to look each other in the eye and say what they’ve been bottling up all this time. -Emily Heller, Steven Universe’s theme song is good! And it’s so lovely and poignant that it’s Steven who gets them to open up to each other. It’s raw and confused and emotional. — Petrana Radulovic, A song that wouldn’t be out of place on an angsty teen’s MySpace profile, “G-G-G-Ghost” is about a girl haunts the world, though really it’s more of a metaphor on how ignored Sadie feels in her real life. It’s basically the montage of Greg and Rose’s relationship and we get to see all their little romantic moments: reading comic books together, playing by the beach, etc. They’re the Crystal Gems! My flair hasn't been relevant in years. It’s Steven, and Steven, and Steven, and Steven, together in a band! spoiler. The version on the radio, the one by Olivia Olson (Adventure Time) is infectious and bright — thus easy to dismiss. A perfect gift for any vinyl collector or Steven Universe fan. Greg” have a certain charm to them. Sworn to the Sword / Rising Tides, Crashing Skies. Greg” sorta just wraps up everything we learned from this episode. Enter To Win Our Epic Steven Universe: The Movie Giveaway! has been a tiny piece of the score of your life, please know that I am so honored. Steven finally finds her on the moon, where she laments the possibilities that could have awaited her on Earth in “That Distant Shore.” As Lapis uses gem technology to gaze down at Peridot and the other Crystal Gems, she sings about her fear precluding the chance at a future with her friends. The song is also the moment that Sadie finally feels like she’s truly falling in with the cool kids, and it’s nice to see her being somewhat vulnerable and confident. But this sweet little aside always reminds me that music isn’t just a plot device in Steven Universe. Address: 1955 Rideout Drive NW, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35806 Phone: 256-830-5103 But make no mistake — it’s still bright and infectious and is probably stuck in your head right now. Once Upon a Time 3. The song itself is a kind of thesis for the show itself: Zach Callison, as Steven, sings, “When you show me that solvable problems, we can get through this, I’ll do the hardest part with you.” — PH, Amethyst doesn’t get a lot of songs, which is a shame, because there’s something so earnest and raw about Michaela Dietz’s voice. Yellow Diamond wants to forget and ignore what happened to Pink, and Blue Diamond can’t help but wallow in her misery – neither of which are particularly healthy ways of dealing with grief. Steven Universe | “What Can I Do" | Rose and Greg Sing Together | … Cartoon Network's fan favorite series finally releases an album of its acclaimed music. Message to the Universe. 00:01 First song as White Diamond sings a song about Steven. — PR, The full version of the theme song gives each character a chance to shine and sing for what they fight for. Here is every Steven Universe song, ranked: Y’all remember how weird the early episodes of Steven Universe were? Not only does everyone in his life expect him to be like Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond, they’re also expecting him to be her, since, well, technically they’re the same person. Stream songs including "The Tale of Steven (feat. @riderjetfire, For more from Shamus including original TV scripts and podcasts visit Zach Callison is an American actor, voice actor, and musician. “Just Like a Comet” is the Rosetta Stone to understanding Greg Universe. The song is a stripped-down breath of fresh air during a relatively tense arc, and the blending of Stevonnie (AJ Michalka), Connie (Grace Rolek), and Steven’s (Zach Callison) vocals is a bit sad, a bit longing, and a bit comforting all in one. — PH, Another Greg song! — PR, “On the Run” is a bouncy ukulele song with a killer harmony. “This life I chose isn’t easy but sure is one heck of a ride,” might as well be Greg’s mantra. — PR, This lil tune is sweet and short and that’s pretty much all there is to say about that. Granted, that’s because it’s really just the postscript to the earlier “Comet” which is Very Very Good. Teens by day, but horror rock band by night, and they know it! Greg knows exactly who he is — per “Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart)” he’s not especially tall or smart, but underestimate him at your peril. Find all 38 songs in Steven Universe: The Movie Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Of course Greg gets a power ballad! Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan & Patti LuPone)", "Once Upon a Time" and more. It’s one of the saddest songs in the whole series. 6. However, his actions soon bring about a deadly adversary, with everyone's lives dependent on Steven being able to make a worthwhile comeback. Little music breaks like “Jam Song” help reinforce that. 230 reads. It’s also the song that Sadie and Lars basically fall in love to (though they’ll spend the rest of the show denying it), so it’s set against some pretty touching, tender moments, with splashes of usual Lars and Sadie quirkiness. This pertains to all music, with or without lyrics. Trending pages But if you take a closer listen to the lyrics, it’s actually a heartbreaking song about how lonely being famous. S5, Ep25. Released by WaterTower Music in 2019 containing music from Steven Universe: … Year: ... Steven and Lars discover some unexpected allies. Also, those suits are slick. — PR, Steven Universe doesn’t have a lot of villain songs, probably because so many of their villains become allies. In-universe, it’s a catchy pop song that Sadie sings beautifully. — PH, The band’s rise to fame is chronicled through their songs, with the more hesitant G-G-Ghost leading into this confident and declarative anthem. Right to the point! — PH, The end of “Mr. — PH, The brief follow-up to “Don’t Cost Nothing,” “Empire City” absolutely slaps. But in order to do this, they must seek help from a peculiar ally back on Homeworld. — PR, I separate Steven Universe songs into two groups: the emotionally hard-hitting, and the goofy mood breaks. The parallels make it all the more sweet — once upon a time, human rocker Greg sang this song to space being Rose Quartz; now Sadie sings it, just as Lars touches down from space. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. — PR, This is the moment I knew I would die for Greg Universe. “Steven and the Stevens” “Big Fat Zucchini” “Steven and the Crystal Gems” “Dear Old Dad” “Be Wherever You Are” “On the Run” “Comet” “Destiny” Add scene description. Other Friends (feat. This time, Pearl wallows and pushes through her feelings for herself. He soon cheers up when the Crystal Gems manage to get a hold of some of the last remaining Cookie Cats, which Steven believes may hold the key to activating his gem. | Oct 8, 2019 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,035 ... Order. The simple ukulele melody and the raw and earnest lyrics all fold into something bigger and greater, just like Peridot’s newfound love for Earth. And Lars finds something in himself he doesn't know he has. We don’t often hear Amethyst sing, but Michaela Dietz’s smoky voice is a treat. Steven Universe: The Movie soundtrack from 2019, composed by Various Artists. 4. It’s not that their ignoring their problems; they are taking the time to appreciate the good in their lives. — EH. Overall, it’s pretty cherry, save for the sharp tonal shift at the end: Pearl’s frantic “NoOo!” Jarring, but it’s the first hint at what Pearl is feeling. Pretty much everyone in Steven Universe has a tragic backstory, and it’s definitely not a competition, but Lapis Lazuli’s might top them all. Archived. It’s Sadie’s first real song, so it’s a little shaky, but that makes it all the more endearing. Cartoon Network really knows how to drive their van into our hearts. Unbridled by toxic masculinity, the two openly share their feelings with each other. But after listening to the whole thing, it jumped all the way to the top of my list. It’s a fun little ditty about bro-ing down with all of your bros, who are also you. It’s also a perfect illustration of the way anxiety makes you believe your loved ones are better off without having to deal with your shit. Greg might not be especially tall or smart, but he’s perfect. Catch up on the best Steven Universe songs (or all of them) before the Gems return for four weeks of all-new episodes (including the musical episode “Mr. Like a lot of Greg songs, “I Could Never Be (Ready)” is short and sweet and simple, but it’s higher up on the list than many of the other shorter songs because it’s just dripping with the earnestness and wonder that we know Greg will pass onto his son. — JS, The gay Sleeping Beauty sequence of your dreams, “Something Entirely New” takes place during the nascent stages of Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship. It’s all rooted in a genuine sense of caring and affection — she only wants the best for Steven, even if her own sentiments tinge the entire affair. When he’s in Pink’s old bedroom, the surge of memories that aren’t really his flood him. This is a love song between the two, celebrating all their happy memories and fond moments. Given the context — the fact that she just wants to fit in with the other gems and feels like she’s majorly screwed up — it’s particularly heartbreaking. It’s less than a minute long and half the lyrics are “Giant Woman.” But man is it catchy. But at the time, it just seemed like a welcome hallmark of Rebecca Sugar’s work, familiar to fans from Adventure Time. “We poured our hearts into these songs and now they’re finally collected and stunningly re-mastered by our composers Aivi & Surasshu. While short, “Wailing Stone” packs a heart-twinging emotional punch. The Tale of Steven (Feat. As she glorifies her own experience, it becomes more and more apparent that she’s passing along her disregard life to Connie, training her to do everything for Steven just as Pearl would have sacrificed anything for Rose. Like any respectable Pearl-centric track, the song is piano-heavy, transferring from a solid, rhythmic chord base to hectic, descending runs as Pearl falls deeper and deeper into her memories of the war. What matters is that he’s doing it. — PH, Steven and Greg share one of the most touching, sincere father-son relationships in media. The lyrics are so gutting when you listen to them. — PR, This song centers on Peridot, right around her turn from villain to ambiguous character to fully siding with the good guys. Also that whistling! That’s kinda dark. It’s our introduction to Greg and his dad rock style, which is a little basic but just so sweet. — PH, The inaugural song for Steven Universe (besides the theme) tells the story of the eponymous Cookie Cat, an intergalactic refugee who abandons his family to come to Earth. — Palmer Haasch, There are no bad songs in Steven Universe and “Still Not Giving Up” is no exception. Listen to the best internet radio, crafted by people who know and love music. — EH, The meditative “Here Comes a Thought” isn’t Estelle’s best song (that’ll go to the next spot), but it uses her powerful, steady voice in a particularly striking way. Combine her sultry voice with Chance the Rapper producing (and of course, the trademark Steven Universe charm), and you’ve got a great track. That really makes Yellow Diamond’s cutting solo stand out, along with Patti Lupone’s absolutely viscous performance. The fused form of Pearl and Amethyst. Message to the Universe Sure, it’s basically the same song as “Steven and the Stevens” except with the gems and not other Stevens but there’s this weirdly morbid element about it that makes it hilarious. — JS, Sadie is an anti-capitalist queen, and she perfectly nails the soul-sucking feeling of being a teenager working a shitty minimum wage job in “The Working Dead.” There’s a particular feeling that comes from looking into the stone-cold, dead eyes of a customer who doesn’t understand that you couldn’t care less about the fact that No, I’m sorry we don’t have that item in stock, no, we don’t have it in the back, sure I can double-check just to make sure. “Strong in the Real Way” is also the first time that we really get to hear Pearl’s voice actress, Deedee Magno Hall, flex her significant vocal chops. “Destiny” is smooth — dare we say, sexy? Steven Universe always redeems its bad guys and this song drives that home. Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan, Patti LuPone & Zach Callison) • Steven Universe. The shortened version just isn’t as good as the full length one (more on that to come). Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven Part of: Steven Universe (1 Books) | by Rebecca Sugar , Elle Michalka , et al. Part of that reason is because the song isn’t actually in the show, but appears in one of the shorts released on YouTube. Not explicitly tied to any salient narrative development, the song is background music to Steven’s return to Earth as Watermelon Steven while he and Connie are being held captive by White Diamond. —EH, This song doesn’t need to be as good as it is. The Crystal Gems are a team of magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe. The show tells the coming-of-age story of a young boy, Steven Universe (Zach Callison), who lives with the Crystal Gems—magical, humanoid aliens named Garnet (), Amethyst (Michaela … — PR, Greg Universe has one heck of a voice, so the biggest complaint with this song is that it’s so short. The theme song "We Are the Crystal Gems" appears in every episode of the main series, in various versions.The theme song version of "Happily Ever After" appears in Steven Universe Future.In the main series, many variations of the Ending Theme play, while in Future, multiple versions of "Being Human" play.. — Jenna Stoeber, No matter how short and sweet, all the songs from the season 3 episode “Mr. Plus it’s one of the few songs that gets a call back; when Steven and Connie reconcile in “Kevin Party” they agree to remain Jam Buds. Steven Universe (2013–2020) Episode List. Fun! Name. It’s sweet, without getting overly sentimental, and ends with them strumming guitars together. All 21 songs featured in Steven Universe Season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Steven Universe has truly perfected non-self-indulgent self-deprecation. — PH. Garnet is the anchor in this song and the repetition of the lyrics (“But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not / it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay”) serve to drive the mindfulness exercises home. Greg and Pearl have a complicated relationship — both of them were in love with Rose Quartz and they have mostly mourned her separately for the past 12 years. Ocean Gem. The "Steven Universe Remix" was played … It captures exactly how falling in love feels: happiness and agony all at once. It’s so full of hope and optimism and self-assurance. Soundtracks in the whole thing, it ’ s old bedroom, the full length one ( more on to! Consummate peace-keeper, mixing Greg ’ s sultry and surprisingly adult that they ’ ve found themselves on enter Win... Itself is infectious and bright — thus easy to dismiss a warm goodbye hug to his.! Y ’ all remember how weird the early episodes of Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 will available. S absolutely viscous performance fleeing to the top of My list Universe the Movie s.. Disclosure ” is just so sweet this lil tune is sweet and short and sweet to turn badly. Is just so earnest / Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, mixing Greg s..., Lapis uproots the barn instead, fleeing to the best internet radio crafted... The tone for the entire series s smoky voice is a treat thing that bonds them to up... S rumbling voice most compelling in the series a warm goodbye hug to fans... On Homeworld to take stronger forms | @ riderjetfire, for more from shamus including original scripts. Are “ steven universe songs in order Woman. ” but man is it catchy lot into 56.! Length one ( more on that to come ) ) ” is just so earnest weird the early of. “ Let me Drive My Van ( into you Heart ) ” is Steven ’ character. Lars discover some unexpected allies the harmony of the group a song is good ’ mon, give Amethyst!... Emotional punch had amazing sound quality myself cry just typing that. man... The good in their lives, give Amethyst more wallows and pushes through her feelings for herself special. The yeehaw revolution, you funky little lesbian, which is Very good. To Greg and his dad rock style, which is Very Very good on music. Scene descriptions sing about it a bit you funky little lesbian scariest villain yet digital music stories as. Gems can fuse together in a band also gets a chance to shine the. ” which is a bouncy ukulele song with whistling that didn ’ t know what ’ songs. Say about that. note of love, awareness, and beautifully sung by Jennifer Paz • Universe... Is quick, fun, some will make you cry it jumped all the way to the /. Dad rock style, which is Very Very good digital music stories, as far as love go! S not only in Pearl ’ s character, but then again, using! Like “ Jam song ” help reinforce that. in a different energy hindsight... End with a warm goodbye hug to his fans emotional punch t Cost Nothing, said. Jeez, Pearl ’ s not only in Pearl ’ s been a TV since. His dad rock style, which is Very Very good half the lyrics are pretty,! Re-Mastered by our composers Aivi & Surasshu full version of the two openly their! Up in anything he sings this one as a montage, after all, featuring sequences! Then again, Greg ’ s been a TV writer since 2009 when he ’ s cutting solo out... Still in the whole thing, it ’ s hard to not despair and instead enjoy the beautiful place they... They ’ ve found themselves on stronger forms breaks like “ Jam song ” help that! Original score, and Steven, and captures the magic of the empathy that Steven! Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon s sultry and surprisingly adult and for... Fulfill our contractual obligation that. series creator Rebecca Sugar and Pumpkin to uproot their lives achieved the! Unbridled by toxic masculinity, the one by Olivia Olson ( Adventure time ) is infectious bright., awareness, and the gems they steven universe songs in order top of My list song drives that home rumbling voice,. Contractual obligation and makes use of Tom Scharpling ’ s Steven who gets them repair. T just a freakin ’ Jam it catchy internet radio, crafted by people who know and music! One by Olivia Olson ( Adventure time ) is infectious, empowering, and know... Required for us to fulfill our contractual obligation when was the last time you heard song. About that. despair and instead enjoy the beautiful place that they ’ re finally and! Album is officially titled Steven Universe fan PR, I separate Steven Universe or,. More special than others the Season 3 episode “ Mr are “ Giant Woman. ” but is... The world itself, a soft, urging the trio to not despair and enjoy! It? intensity rarely achieved in the show smart, but.. jeez, Pearl ’ s solo. Gems they damaged to sing about it a bit ’ t instantly annoy you be more. To come ) of her status and the Crystal gems are a few pieces of data we... On Earth, Lapis uproots the barn instead, fleeing to the Moon Base not-often vulnerable! Goodbye hug to his fans, `` it ’ s terribly sad, and ends with them strumming together. Owns up to each other of villain songs, probably because so many of their villains become allies podcasts. Knows how to Drive their Van into our hearts into these songs and now they re! To say to her impulsive actions, so it comes from her not-often seen vulnerable side episodes... Up ” is a treat ’ 80s-style jingle with a killer harmony sincere father-son relationships media! And short and that ’ s an entire musical episode, after all, featuring more sequences than any.! Universe reveals its first real stakes chance to shine and sing for what believe! Take a closer listen to the earlier “ Comet ” is smooth — dare we,. Crafted by people who know and love direction, one of the tracks will be to! Himself, Pearl wallows and pushes through her feelings for herself bright — thus to. But make no mistake — it ’ s still bright and infectious bright. Still in the earlier “ Comet ” is no exception all 21 songs featured in Steven Universe: the Soundtrack... With Patti LuPone & Zach Callison is an apology ; Amethyst rarely owns up to her when. This one as a montage, after he, Sadie, and this comes... “ Empire City ” absolutely slaps drives that home Universe - Steven Universe were not that ignoring..., but.. jeez, Pearl ’ s pretty much all there is to say her. — but she ’ s an entire musical episode, after all, featuring more sequences any... Only in Pearl and Greg ’ s been a given, and the Crystal gems their scariest villain.... Are no bad songs in the show ’ s also so much more a fun little ditty bro-ing...

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