Collect the merchant’s signature and Submit the Application. */, /** This function makes calls to the fdService.getAcquiringPricingStorage(), fdService.getEquipmentPricingStorage() and fdService.getGlobalPricingStorage() methods depending on which type of pricing is selected and then shows the data on screen using the $scope.apply() function. ", "If you are on autoclose and you would like to change your batch closeout time, please contact customer support with your new closeout time request. For now, don’t worry about actually running this code. The POST Pricing/Equipment API can be used to get the list of product prices related to a certain product. Data synchronization happens with little or no intervention and is triggered by create, update and delete actions on an entity. Now that we’ve introduced the product endpoints in the previous section, we’ll take an in-depth look at displaying Product Details in our app. * @method qtyChanged ", "", "Will I be able to accept HSA or FSA from my customers? This method makes a GET a request to the First Data Marketplace API’s /features endpoint. H��VMs�0��+t�35�B�C����3��@����؃�f��+�a�N/��v߾}���k��w�e������=������#���$-Ɵ�W儜�.�}�RB�x*�aT%� �!�?m��M��ڥl�xo�g��C����b,R��B��)��0ȌY��Dߛw��PAP.��(}��`p~҃�i�&4a�;��e��҅�:��.�f���.K$�e�͚;BvHA���G��`�rWZ�%��~ڬh�P5x�C5�+�����*]R�L We then display the content on the screen using the above HTML view. ", "signupForm.FOREIGN_OWNERSHIP.$touched && signupForm.FOREIGN_OWNERSHIP.$error.required", "{'error': signupForm.Address1.$touched && signupForm.Address1.$invalid}", "signupForm.Address1.$touched && signupForm.Address1.$error.required", "signupForm.Address1.$touched && signupForm.Address1.$error.pattern", "{'error': signupForm.Address2.$touched && signupForm.Address2.$invalid}", "signupForm.Address2.$touched && signupForm.Address2.$error.pattern", "{'error':$touched &&$invalid}", "$touched &&$error.required", "$touched &&$error.pattern", "{'error':$touched &&$invalid}", "$touched &&$error.required", "$touched &&$error.pattern", "{'error': signupForm.state.$touched && signupForm.state.$invalid}", "signupForm.state.$touched && signupForm.state.$error.required", "{'error': (signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$invalid) || bankError}", "signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$error.required", "signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ROUTING_NUMBER.$error.pattern", "{'error': signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$invalid}", "signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$error.required", "signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER.$error.pattern", "{'error': signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$invalid}", "signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$error.required", "signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$invalid && !signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$error.required", "signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$touched && signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$error.pattern && !signupForm.ACCOUNT_NUMBER_confirm.$error.required", "form-group form-actions column-12 align-center", TAX_FILING_NAME_SAME_AS_BUSINESS_LEGAL_NAME, // Considering Internet value in the Sum for Validation, Total must be 100%, "vertical-align: middle; font-size: 14pt; text-align: center !important; line-height:24px;", "text-align: left !important; background: white !important; color: black !important; border: 1px solid black; font-size:11pt; font-size:1.1vmax;", "text-align: center !important; border: 1px solid black;", "text-align: right !important; background: white !important; color: black !important; border: 1px solid black; font-size:11pt; font-size:1.1vmax;", , "vertical-align: middle; font-size: 16pt; text-align: center !important;", "vertical-align: super;font-size: smaller;", "text-align: left !important; background: black !important; color: white font-size:11pt; font-size:1.1vmax;", "width: 45%; float:left; margin-right: 5%;", "", "", , "lineItem in merchantBean.leaseEquipment", "font-size: 13pt !important; line-height:130%; font-weight: bold;", "font-size: 14px !important; line-height:130%; font-weight: bold;", , , "{'disabled': (isFormNotValid() || clickedTCSubmit)}", "isFormNotValid() || clickedTCSubmit || submitTC()", /** Routes are paths such as GET or POST requests that define the structure of our app. Now that we’ve discussed the setup required in the getAuthenticationHeaders() function and how basic HMAC authentication works in our demo app, let’s take a more detailed look at the code that powers server.js, the primary file that powers the Demo Marketplace’s backend logic. You may want to reference this file from time to time to see complete method declarations. Learn more about hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) here. */, ,