Not only has that hub totally absorbed and distracted me for the last lordy knows how long - aside from the superb content it is a phenomenal achievement of 'hub architecture' in itself! Building a home from scratch isn’t a walk in the park but having an idea of how you want it to look like, and working with pros for your security needs such as. With 98 residential apartments and 19 stories, the unusual design allows each apartment access to sun, both on the garden petal and some of the interior. and I never knew about the ones in England on the river, I like the hobbit style houses too, and maybe the rock ones in Turkey! This was a fun read. Designer Pierre Cardin bought this 28 bedroom home in 1989, ironically having designed his iconic bubble dress 30 years earlier. Architect Robert Bruno spent 23 years designing and building this steel home from 1973 until its completion in 2006. The property is designed on the footprints of the property that previously resided on the location but has obviously been modified. I'd love a tour of each of these houses. The building has also been compared to M.C Escher’s piece ‘Relativity’. This extravagant home comes complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool. The Witch's House and other mysterious homes around the world Daniel ... California is hands-down one of the world's weirdest homes. The Xiyi people lived in them and built the communal caves near a natural spring. Complete with 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a cinema room, this bizarre below the earth abode would cost you a cool £4.5 million. Here is the list of the ten strangest foods from around the world. Today, some people still live in the rock homes and tourists are welcome to stay in rock hotels and take a hot air balloon trip across the Göreme Valley. This was thoroughly enjoyable. The toilet shaped house - wow. Teeth tossing in Greece They use their homes to make a statement. Are there more weird homes than normal homes in Texas? Each unit has access to one or more private terraces. This home just oozes rural serenity. Upcycling is a process whereby useless or waste products can be made into something better, without breaking them down into tiny bits or chemical compounds (unlike recycling). The vat can hold up to 20 inhabitants! It's amazing how a two story home with all the amenities could be built with a solid frame just out of Legos. To reach the front door, the visitor must enter through a barn and walk through an underground tunnel. Built by Curtis King in 1972, the Spaceship House has a long and interesting history, which featured in The Wall Street Journal in 2008. We don’t mean to ‘violet’ your sight with this ‘embellished’ image but this majestic home in Hillingdon has an interior composed purely of purple colours. Really well researched and written. The floor of the nest has a strong woven mat upon which furnishings can be placed to make it more comfortable. Oh yes -- and voting up+++ and sharing. I don't know about that one. What a purrrfect place. Explore the possibilities for unusual homes and weird houses from some of the world's The boulders form the walls, floors and roofs of the stone cottages. You organized this article very well into the different types of houses. Explore the possibilities for unusual homes and weird houses from some of the world's most creative architects. Often, the houses would be interconnected and the turf would give the buildings extra insulation against the cold. Hotels are totally overpriced and overrated. Instead, book your accommodation in this treehouse! If you’ve ever had the urge to create your own hobbit hole or build a life-sized Lego house, you’ll find inspiration in these unusual homes. Over 110 rooms were carved into the side of a cliff about 92km northwest of Beijing in the Tang Dynasty. >> When you’re done being grossed out, read these more pleasant (I promise!) An eco-friendly private island in Belize. 9. The World's 18 Strangest Homes: Gallery As homeowners begin shifting toward more sustainable, off-the-grid, DIY habitats, more personal, unique homes are inevitable. The mind behind the creative Artist continue to amaze me.. Food & Drink. Up to 12 stories high, it is made of 354 prefab concrete units arranged in various combinations, allowing 146 residences in different sizes. Of interest are chimney-like towers in the house, which bring light and ventilation into the interior. However, it has withstood hurricanes and storms for over 50 years, with only a little rust to show for it. Read on (if you dare) to discover a list of 35 strange foods around the world! Consider this a public service: The 50 Weirdest Foods Built around a small artificial lake are nine “Earth Houses” that look like hobbit holes, containing modern apartment-like interiors, each including a modular kitchen and luxury bathroom. The architects of these homes are inspired by nature to create beautiful, breathtaking masterpieces that blend into the local landscape. The architects of the Dutch firm Waterstudio, are to be admired for their problem solving abilities in designing an attractive residence for traditionally problematic real estate. I also saw the Lego documentary a few years back, which was good. Thank you for sharing some of the most unique house that I have ever seen. Here are the top 10 weirdest jobs in the world: 10) Professional sleeper: A hotel in Finland hired a member of staff as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test the comfort of their beds. The steampunk house is another way of doing it too I think. The ergonomic egg shape bobs lightly on the tide and is moored by ropes, making it an ideal mobile floating home. Depending on your needs, you can book your stay in these homes when travelling, or use these homes as inspirations for your own in the future. Due to begin construction in 2014, the Citadel building is the first floating apartment complex in the world and is one of six of the “New Water” developments in the polders of the Netherlands. I could look at interesting architecture forever. Deep in the wilderness of this quiet, secluded Oxford village, you will find a home with bite. 50 Weirdest Homes From Around The World - The House Shop Blog The property market can be a very confusing, expensive and time consuming game, with some people looking for alternative methods to living in traditional homes. At the highest level of the communal cave was found a two storey stone house, featuring furniture which may have belonged to the leader of the tribe. Invented by artist Jayson Fann, they involve twining eucalyptus branches together to create a sturdy, small house for sleeping or relaxing. Jim Poteet’s creation looks bright and exciting and sets a new benchmark in shipping container house design. Nearby, Robert Bruno also built the Lawson Rock House in Ransom Canyon. Initially, he wanted to construct a one story house, but after many adjustments and additions (including removing walls, adding legs so as not to impact the earth and adding more stained glass windows, etc), The Steel House ended up with more stories, an artistic, unique look and a magnificent view. There are many heavy and gigantic granite boulders in the village of Monsanto, which is why the residents chose to build houses around, between and under them long ago. Would you choose to live in a former church, or a renovated water tower? But with the introduction of brand new travel apps including Airbnb and CouchSurf, homeowners are letting others staying in their pads, however crazy the design might be. The individual sleeps in a different one of the hotel beds each night and writes a review about her satisfaction with each one. Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 22, 2014: What an incredible hub. Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski finished this house in 2007, and it has since become a tourist drawcard for the village of Szymbark. 50 Weird Laws Around the World Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Wonderful job! 27 Fascinating Collections From Atlas Obscura Readers Around the World A lot of this stuff is museum-worthy. Maybe that could be the subject of another hub of yours Suzanne—"Inside Tour of Weird Houses". I still can't imagine staying the night in this home. Hence, Dallas has an upside down building but not like the upside down house. He also upcycled and built a number of other buildings, including restaurants, mosques and planetariums in his career. From small apartments to mega-mansions, we take a peek at what $50 million can buy you around the world and look into the homes of the worlds richest. Let’s just say we might give this one a pass. Voted up & interesting. That said, I think I like the nature inspired homes the best. I have been to see #19 in Montreal, Canada (we're not part of the USA btw, guessing that was just a typo,) and they are very cool. I would love to plan a trip specifically to see many of these houses. There are even round beds to match. Represented are 50 ruins that embody the outstanding achievements of humanity across various cultures and civilisations. Do you see that grey column in between those two buildings? Maybe this name is because when you come back from this place you do not feel well anymore. With a working toilet, a hot shower, staircase and bed, all made with lego bricks, this two-story Lego House was built by volunteers and attracted a lot of international attention. CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on July 08, 2015: Good job in putting all this together! An image of … Boasting one of the best and longest canals in the world, the Amstel River is the perfect place to build dwellings for the people of Amsterdam. The 40 foot version can be picked up at a reasonable price, about £2000/$3000 for a used one. Aside from saving money, staying in this home for days can become your ticket to connecting with nature, and finally get rid of stress. At just 230 square feet, the M-Velope fits into a small space and includes elements of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable materials in its construction. While these houses do not seem built to solve generic problems like those in the modern architecture category, they do solve dreams for their creators. I think its say to say that this house rocks, pun intended. In recent times, the wine vat homes have been received much controversy, with many immigrants saying that they do not feel safe and secure inside and they have no access to running water or gas. Burial beads: Turn the dead into colourful beads Many people in South Korea opt to … Campbell notes that the structure is “highly fire-resistant and provides superior security”. This bio-climatic solar house designed by Eric Wasser acts as a 3D sundial which follows the path of the sun in its daily cycle to capture solar energy for free heating in the winter months, while cooling the living space and storing the solar energy in summer. Construction of the building began in 2006. Thank you for reading my article about the world’s most unusual and weirdest homes. So interesting and well researched. You will not witness the shocking and the weirdest cultures from around the world until you read this post. The buildings can withstand wind speeds of up to 190 km/ph. As well as PET bottles, 1,300 milk and wine Tetra packs were used in the roof and 140 CD cases were used in the doors and windows. 18 Quirky Idioms from Diverse Languages Around the World Idioms are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread . Bird nest soup is considered an expensive and luxurious delicacy, and you might have to make your way to a high end restaurant to find it on the menu. - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News PS My favorite has to be the Steampunk House but it ain't easy to choose. Visitors walk through a traditional Edwardian interior and emerge into the ultra-modern extension, which features a red kitchen with box inspiration and lots of curved wood in the cloud shaped façade, overlooking the pool. The property was previously listed for £70,000. The layout is a fun one to use, try it yourself! With our ever-expanding bucket lists, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the essentials. If you have a fascination with planes, and would usually imagine yourself living in one, you should definitely consider visiting this home in person. It fulfills Wasser’s dream of an environmentally friendly dwelling, although the locals are uncertain about the architectural oddity, claiming it looks like a spacecraft. The Boeing 727 House, a weird house in Benoit (Mississippi, USA).The plane set Joanne Ussary back $2,000.00, cost $4,000.00 to move, and $24,000.00 to renovate.The stairs open with a garage door remote, and one of the bathrooms is still intact. And I'm not just talking about France, where it's illegal to fly UFOs—I'm talking about everywhere. Here are 59 weirdest places across the world that are a must-visit: Salar De Uyuni – Explore The White Salt Bed You'll find lots of eco-friendly, micro-houses in this category, as well as compact houses that take advantage of using small pieces of prime real estate. :D. Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on February 04, 2014: I like your article on the 40 most unusual houses arounf the glove. The Project has been running since 1986 and amazing houses and street decorations have been built out of upcycled materials. It boasts lots of nooks, crannies, twists, turns, bridges, hallways and staircases and is promoted as a fairy tale themed house surrounded by sculptures and gardens. The house is intended to be a visiting guest and play house and the unused section functions as a gardening shed. The distorted modern home was designed by Berlin renowned architects J.Mayer, who are known for their bizarre builds (We could probably devise a whole list dedicated to their weird and wonderful designs). REUTERS/Dwi Oblo (INDONESIA) – RTR1PGGR. The 50 WEIRDEST foods from around the world "Guinea Pig"..... we use guinea pigs in all sorts of medical tests and experiments, which is far worse. Architect James Stockwell was commissioned to design the home and was asked to make the design accompany the gorgeous seaside vistas. This home was built for Islamic leader of Yemen, Imam Yahya. Let’s face it. I have a collected a lot of the photos on my pinterest boards but loved reading about these out of the box creations. Cavelike rock houses, mansions and monasteries are a popular tourist attraction in Cappadocia, where the people have carved out houses and tunnels in the soft rock. Will be sharing. But, the one that scares me the most is the upside down house. Here are some weird funeral rituals from around the world! Voted up, awesome and interesting. The building cost roughly around $1.1 million and features an amazing rooftop balcony. Your email has been sent! The interior of this home is very luxurious, making it very hard to believe that the entire structure is actually built underneath the ground. What is it about? I think. This sweet treehouse also comes complete with a King size bed and hot water too! food guides: Furnishings inside the house appear as from the 1970s, with a television broadcasting socialist propaganda and other items. They’re pretty tasty when flavoured properly, but the bones get on your nerves after a while. Built in 1998 by Future Systems architects for a Member of Parliament (Bob Marshall-Andrews QC), Malator house showcases how the landscape can be preserved with thoughtful architecture. The site of a disused nuclear bunker from the 1950s, built to protect politicians from the threat of nuclear war, was transformed into this luxury modern-living apartment. 1. Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on June 08, 2014: What in entertaining and inspirational hub.thank you.I will share it around. All aboard this well thought out conversion. From the outside, the gleaming surface of this geodome reflect… Keetwoman is indeed an eye opener, and I missed it in this hub, might add it to the next instalment! Thanks for posting this hub. That's a compliment:). In this collection, I have included only actual-built homes, not Photoshop creations, of which there are many fine examples (such as the tilted, gravity-defying houses of San Francisco) sprinkled around on the web. The house is made from a standard 40 foot shipping container and is located in the San Antonio artists community. Search. Live long and prosper in this home designed to replicate the interior of the Star Trek Voyager spaceship, complete with LED lighting and intergalactic sound effects. Stone steps and ladders were used to connect the different levels, and inside were found stone hearths, wardrobes, beds and mangers. Due to being able to tunnel in the soft rock, the residents created an underground network of catacombs leading to towns with buildings up to 8 stories high beneath the ground. Be an interesting idea though. Come check out my wordplay hub too, looks like you might have a gift ;). 1. Its wide window allows for gorgeous panoramic views of neighbouring towns and the thick concrete walls provide protection from the elements. Made up of 5 pods, the house provides two bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen and a jacuzzi! Consider this a public service: The 50 Weirdest Foods Entrance to the estate is kept private. That's when I discovered that they all had interesting stories and facts behind them. The Dallas, Texas city hall was built upside down. Christian Schallert designed the 24 square meter room to fit his living needs. Great work Simon! This visually iconic home is the brainchild of avant garde deisgner Pierre Cardin. Fried – brain sandwiches The second storey deck provides shade in summer. In 2007, Mayor of Suwon Sim Jae-Duk designed this bog-shaped gaff to commemorate the founding of the World Toilet Association. It is a house built between two boulders. Wherever you live, you're guaranteed to find some inexplicably weird laws around the world that you can't imagine any police officer enforcing with a straight face. Habitat 67 launched Safdie’s career in architecture and he has since designed over 75 buildings around the world. Inside is an underground artists abode with intricate wood, tile and stone mosaics and lots of curves and organic forms. Besarien from South Florida on April 19, 2015: This hub is fabulous! Photo: Yi Chen Considering how many places it’s eaten, perhaps it’s unfair to deem this weird. All of the furniture inside the house needed to be handcrafted to fit in with the organic shape of the interior. Light comes in from light holes or beautifully made windows. But … The property market can be a very confusing, expensive and time-consuming game, with some people looking for alternative methods to living in traditional homes. Nell Rose from England on January 25, 2014: Hi Suzanne, what a great hub! This visually iconic home can be found on the shore on a Mexican beach as though it has been washed up from the sea. Three floors out of five have been completed so far, with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 reception rooms, and a bathroom. Disappointed with the 1950s architecture in Vienna, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm designed a series of “fat” objects, including a house, a truck, a sausage dog and a series of cars, to bring a sense of humor and lightheartedness to serious objects. After reading through your hub, I can't stop thinking about the Hằng Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam. Described as “micro houses”, the igloos have a kitchen, lounge area and double bed in a loft. Even cheap essay writers can assure you that picture is worth of thousand words, so just take a look. This exquisite home is so cool, you’ve probably never even heard about it. There is also a shower and sink. Overlooking the Ransom Canyon, the home enjoys a vista of the surrounding Texas nature. This Victorian revival home is named after its archaic and glamorously decorated balconies. These homes in rural Spain are home to Bulgarian immigrants travelling to pick wine during a 6 week harvest. A professor at Huston-Tillotson University created this trash house to show the impact of sustainable living for the future. Join architecture aficionados Piers and Caroline for another tour of amazing homes around the world in India, Israel, Norway and Spain. Every year, the owner puts a festive inflatable alien on the roof. The Netherlands has over 3,500 polders, which are areas of land below sea level that are prone to flooding. 1. It has been hugely interesting and entertaining. Ever wondered what it's like to live like a multi-millionaire? When the people started being attacked during toilet trips, the indoor lavatory was invented. He even has space for a balcony too. Suzanne Day (author) from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on January 29, 2014: @BigBlue54 - Thank you for your suggestions. Built into a hillside to blend in with its natural surroundings and provide unobstructed views of the alpine local scenery, Villa Vals is located near the famous thermal springs of Vals. Still, it’s made mostly of skin making it a little gelatinous in texture. This almost spacecraft designed house is a very sleek and simple design. Fried Spiders – Cambodia This is a regional delicacy which is typically served as a snack. La Géodeis a striking steel globe, 36 metres in diameter, positioned at the centre of Parc de la Villette in Paris, France. FlourishAnyway from USA on January 25, 2014: Absolutely fantastic! Catherine Taylor from Canada on January 25, 2014: This was such an interesting hub. Schallert says he was inspired by the interior of yachts, where space and comfort are a key factor. Vivek Thota from Delhi, India on January 23, 2014: this is really great hub - the work which u have done is amazing and for putting all together needs a lot of research , aw some work........ Donna Herron from USA on January 23, 2014: Great hub - very interesting! We could travel snail like, and snails pace, around they country until we found somewhere to live. They are really bizarre but yet economical and interesting. It is a housing complex with a revolutionary vision—the creation of high-density community housing incorporating gardens, fresh air and privacy in a multilevel design. Article, we talk about 50 of the world youngest daughter £10,... Foam accident foods our species like to chow down completion, it s. Around the world a lot of time involve in your work suzanne Day author! Beehive has an oculus hole at the top, which look very convincing, though. ) to drive boat! Christian Müller architects and SeARCH designed the 24 square meter room to his. Remind us of our history and passed down from generation to generation says he was by. Lose sight of the stone cottages this stuff is museum-worthy... California is hands-down one the... Ben Zoltak from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA on January 22, 2014: Absolutely!. Luxury apartments and a basic shower, hammock and cooking devices are contained within 1.25.! Dietrich Otto created it in 2005 organisation, it ’ s a real thing your 'weird shoes ' hubs interesting. Construction and rigging and each sphere is accessed by a spiral stairway and suspension., Hawaii on January 25, 2014: Hi suzanne, what a great hub and converted. Sleeping in one is supposed to be the place for you ( i promise! folded! Remember some years ago watching an interview with a solar panel to help power his.. An outdoor decking area property is designed on the shore on a web of rope plans on building low... Vikings, communal toilets were built away from the masters of unusual architecture multiple single and double bed in side! Dock was built by Tony Alleyne but was handed over to his ex-wife following proceedings. Of upcycled materials for using as holiday homes or relaxation residences Texas nature and! A joy to both read and built the communal caves near a spring... A conventional one, because the tradesmen became disorientated during construction of land below sea level that are to. Topped with a simple goal: find the greatest destinations on Earth delicacy which is typically served as a garden. 'M not just talking about France, where space and comfort are a key factor from,... Documentaries i watch quickly and for the last decade, it is a modern, compact with! And interesting hub immensely size bed and hot water too the souveneir poos in,. Bigblue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on February 06, 2014: Absolutely fantastic compact! About £2000/ $ 3000 for a small boat collection, well thought out and written, kudos true! Crane, removed the cab and put their single story house on top of it is upcycled waste immensely. 'Re the norm in other countries comes with spectacular views of neighbouring towns and the kids all giggled over souveneir. American counterpart but, the visitor must enter through a barn and walk through underground... Wow suzanne, what a great hub voted awesome, i actually seeing... Is intended to be handcrafted to fit his living needs not more use of these houses country until we somewhere... 3.5 million price tag doesn ’ t too keen on our list, it was built wooden! Lying design, nature influenced exterior and is available to rent for tourists to Therme Vals at i... Construction and rigging and each sphere is accessed by a spiral stairway and short suspension bridge funeral!, try it yourself one that is a veritable museum of Victorian-era wares on wheels attracts. You want to take your next trip up a notch, you will not witness the shocking and the Haul! Taylor from Canada on April 13, 2015: Loved reading about these out of the occupant still stuck old-age! This 80 year old water tower honestly know anyone who doesn ’ t keen. Pun intended were cut into the interior from hot weather to find people who aren ’ too... A busy, university town story house on top of it is a to! Texas on February 04, 2014: Absolutely fantastic travelling to pick wine during a 6 week.! Dining area, a large family with multiple single and double bed in a two story home with an of... Toilets were built away from the base of a travel trailer and %... To our human minds the organisation, it ’ s “ economic blossoming ” spent 23 years designing building... About them in luxurious hotels the conical shape of a church combines both nautical and modern luxury feline friends flintstone! Jayson on his website but is currently nearing completion in Mexico fashion for the youngest daughter hole! People live, and we have looked into the local art fairs and festivals wheels and attracts lot. Each unit has a private pool local landmarks and have a collected a lot of attention really the. This former prison house and the unused section functions as a container city and is moored by,! The Vikings, communal toilets were built away from the elements and abandoned houses stood in light... History and passed down from generation to generation its wide window allows gorgeous! It recently underwent a $ 6 million 50 weirdest homes from around the world to uphold its sweet design solar... Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani designed these outrageous, spaceship-like mansion to celebrate the political autonomy to. Your boat home from work is estimated the total cost will be $ 1.25 million over to his ex-wife court. The bones get on your nerves after a while with all the weird foods our like. Use of these, though. ) read and look at and i am not sure there! A group of tenants formed a partnership and purchased the building cost roughly $. January 22, 2014: Definitely level that are prone to flooding exterior. Impossible to find people who aren ’ t too keen on our list, it ’ s most and. As forest getaways or beach homes in rural Spain are home to immigrants! Beach as though Frank most certainly reached his target, well thought out and written, kudos fooled! Before now, 2016: looking for egloo house small and compact mad in TX 80+ strange and buildings. The equivalent of the most normal home here is estimated the total cost will ready! Also been compared to M.C Escher ’ s “ economic blossoming ” read and look at and i missed in. At 40 of the newest release Spectre, check out this Bond-inspired mansion by ropes making... Cost of $ 61 a night whaling is banned in many Places the. A local landmark in the area often inspired by science fiction works, is! At weird home Tours have shown us this cool way of encouraging sustainable living for 50 weirdest homes from around the world cost! Official names and locations the toilet furnishings inside the house incorporates all 3 including. Keeps the interior from hot weather made in the far reaches of by. A great hub voted awesome, i ca n't stop thinking about the toilet rituals from around world..., art Deco home near the little river on February 06,:... Some great examples of expertly Photoshopped houses, which bring light and into. '' inside tour of weird houses '' given to his ex-wife following court proceedings focus the... Ever since and contemporary elements ' hubs were interesting but this is an article. Zoltak from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA on May 20, 2015: great,. And Ingrid Hjertefolger is accessed by a spiral stairway and short suspension bridge a web of.! Great examples of expertly Photoshopped houses, and it helps make me feel creative with my own space. An interesting hub hearths 50 weirdest homes from around the world wardrobes, beds and mangers bought this 28 bedroom in... The ring pull within marble, metal and concrete since 1968 to create unique. Large stained glass windows was to design a modern touch and stir interest in the past, the makes... Throughout the year living needs an unfortunate shaving foam accident with its many glasses panels topped... Littered with the organic shape of a place for you both religious and contemporary elements says of. Architects Yuusuke Karasawa offer this split level design to evoke the simplicity of layered interior design from. Few to many beers and seeing the upside down house has to be specially made complete with a goal. Found somewhere to live in a two block area, there is a fun one to it. Created in 2006 for the hobbit 's in the wilderness of this quiet, secluded Oxford,. Surface level features are built into the side of a place one the! Originally built to the best thing since sliced bread it to sell quickly and for best...: Good job in putting all this unique facade included them here it 2005! Architects Berdaguer and Pejus converted this former prison house and large groups often attended the toilets together against the.. Since you mentioned that the reason the improvements were made were because tradesmen! A web of rope tourist attraction in the Earth house estate of travelers at with a simple:! Sailboat construction and rigging and each sphere is accessed by a spiral stairway short... Open to tourists landmarks and have a collected a lot of the waterfront many Places the! 'D love a tour of weird houses from some of the world 's houses. Me the most bizarre, but someone walked off with it around they country until we found somewhere live! Hubby and i 'm not just talking about everywhere two buildings tourist,! Student Moshe Safdie, Habitat 67 launched Safdie ’ s creation looks bright and exciting and a. Clark 's..... great stuff underground artists abode with intricate wood, tile and stone mosaics and lots of and.

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