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Education and trai

  • ing courses and conferences: you want me to teach a course on any topic? You are a professor and you want me to give a talk about the sea in your school? Organize educational courses for various groups and would like to add content related to the marine environment? Give us a call and we'll
  • talk! Elaboration of didactic and educational material related to the coastal and marine environment: you are a teacher or teacher and would like an educational unit on the sea? You may need advice for your lessons on the marine environment? Or are you a City Council that wants to have material on its seabed? Or perhaps you're an association that need a hand preparing educational materials? Write to us because we know and we like it a lot! Mar
  • ine non-formal environmental education activities: would we organize the program of environmental education in your municipality or district? Would you like to participate in an environmental education somewhere of our coast? In the plankton we love heading out to teach the wonders of the sea people and sharing our experiences, contact us!
  • Development of educational projects related to the coastal and marine environment: you're a teacher who wants to organize a synthesis credit on a coastal or marine space and need advice? Or just need to modify your project but to provide it with updated content? Call us, we'll solve it together!
  • Organization of days of volunteering at coasts and sea: you're a Council or association that wants to organize a Conference of volunteering for coastal cleanup or some solidarity to the sea? Us for a long time that we work in the world of volunteering so we will advise you from the experienc
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