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Communication and scientific outreach

  • Underwater and coastal self-explanatory routes. Do you have a beautiful coastline and amazing underwater landscapes? Would you like people to know them better? Contact us, here at Plàncton we will design a route so you can show the best of your surroundings.
  • Consultancy and development of educational and exposition contents: Would you like to set up a sea-related show, but neither not know how nor the most appropriate contents? Would you like to add educational parts to your research or project, but you do not know where to begin with? Look for us, at Plàncton we have outreach experience.

  • Organization of sea-themed events: Would you like to organize a symposium and you need some help? Are you planning a course and you are a bit lost? Or maybe you are preparing an important meeting with fellow scientifics and you need some assistance? Time is running short? Here at Plàncton we are sea science specialists, so do not hesitate to call us.

  • Marine science communication campaigns: Are you a researcher who would like to share your discoveries? Would you like a wider audience to know what you are doing? Would you like to know how to reach the media so they become interested in your research topics? Do you work for a city or port authority and you would like your neighbors to know the activities in and around the coastal and sea environments? Ask us, at Plàncton we can advise you

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